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Azores Cruise Excursions

Get away from the crowds of Ponta Delgada on your very own private Cruise Ship Tour of the Azores Island of São Miguel.  On this cruise excursion you'll explore this sub tropical garden in the middle of the Atlantic with it breathtaking views over vast volcanic crater lakes, dramatic waterfalls and lush green landscape and perhaps have a soak in mineral infused hot springs.  Come and discover it for explore it for yourself with Azores Connections' very own 5* rated private tours. 

Experience the sights, the sounds, the smells and the nature that will surround you at a pace that suits you.

Azores Cruise Ship Excursions #1

Sete Cidades


Cruise Excursion #1

On this tour we visit the far west side of the Island and the reputed 7th wonder of Portugal - Sete Cidades Volcano.  With its breathtaking views overlooking the stunning blue and green lakes from the rim of the 5 km wide crater, it truly is one of the highlights of São Miguel.


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Furnas Lake, Caldeiras and Hot Springs

Cruise Excursion #2

With the serenity of the Furnas lake walk and the bubbling hot caldeiras, coupled with a soak in the volcanically heated hot spring lake, this definitely will be a soothing day to remember.  Why not try one of the 21 different types of natural spring water flowing into the town or the Cozido Lunch consisting of a variety of meats and vegetables, slow cooked for 6-8 hours over a volcanic steam vent.  It truly is a dish with its very own distinctive flavour.  Some of our previous clients’ personal favorite.

Cruise Excursion Azores #3 Lagoa do Fogo




Lagoa do Fogo



Cruise Excursion #3

This tour will take you to the mid section of the island, specifically Lagoa do Fogo and its beautiful crater lake with white sandy beaches and crystal clear water.  At the top of the volcano, Pico da Barrosa, standing at 947 metres, you will be mesmerised with the view over the huge volcanic crater and its lake with the same name.

Perfect trip showing us the heart of the island and its natural beauty!
— Blue Bamboo, London
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