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Azores Activity Holidays

Azores Activity Holidays, they're our speciality! Tailor made Vacation Itineraries customized just for you. Simply choose from our list of options on Hotels Activities and Tours and leave the trip logistics to us!

Itinerary 1

Prepare yourself for a 5* stay at the Pedras do Mar Resort and SPA and a mix of Land Tours and a ride on a boat to get up close and personal with Whales and Dolphins not to mention the opportunity to experience coastal walks and breathtaking views all within walking distance from your hotel.

Itinerary 2

If the sound of a luxury duo location, hot spring and marine mammal experience takes your fancy then look no further.  This holiday really is a tale of two halves, with the thoroughly relaxing volcanic town of Furnas easing you into that relaxed holiday feel coupled with the exhilaration of watching marine mammals in their native environment and staying in the lively capital of the Azores; Ponta Delgada with all its restaurants and history.

Itinerary 3

With the amazing 5* AZOR Hotel as your base and a mix of the 4x4 land tour to one of Portugals seven wonders, a boat ride taking you for your up close and personal trip to see the wonderful marine mammals and the adrenaline of  the quad bikes up to the top of one of the Island highest volcano's, this really is the holiday choice that ticks all the boxes.


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Itinerary 4

Staying at The majestic 4* Hotel Talisman situated in the heart of the old town, you'll be perfectly placed for this action packed week of activities including a tour of one of Portugal's 7 wonders - Sete Cidades, Quad Biking, Canyoning, Whale Watching and Kayaking.  There'll also be time to soak in an volcanic ocean hot spring, lounge by the hotel pool and to explore the historic city of Ponta Delgada.


Itinerary 5

With water temperatures varying between 16º and 24º C and visibility of up to 30 meters, each dive offers a unique experience. Natural arches and whole reefs formed by previous volcanic eruptions. Dive the sunken volcanic crater of Vila Franca Islet, the old anchorage site, where many anchors dating back to the 16th Century lie and also the Shipwreck Dori from 1964.

The offshore reefs of Formigas & Dollabarat offer the chance to discover the large pelagic species, like manta rays and sharks.


Itinerary 6

Welcome to Horse riding in the Azores, where you'll spend your week riding the gentile regional horses, exploring the Azorean green landscapes and experiencing nature at it's best including soaking away the hours in volcanically heated hot springs.

You'll stay in a typically Azorean house where traditional meals will be served. surrounded by a beautiful garden with breathtaking views over the ocean.


Honeymoon in Azores ⥤

Itinerary 7

Staying at The majestic 5* AZOR Hotel situated on the sea front of Ponta Delgada, you'll be perfectly placed for this romantic yet active week. They’ll be time to relax, time to tour and time to soak in majestic volcanic hotsprings. They’ll also be time to lounge by the hotel pool and enjoy each other company.


Azores Family Vacation ⥤

Itinerary 8

If you are an active family who like to get out and about to experience the Azores nature and like to make memories that will last a lifetime, then this is the holiday for you. With an Itinerary that is a mix of adrenaline packed Azores Activities, Tranquil Nature, Wildlife and relaxing soaks in our volcanically heated hot springs, there is something for everyone in this adventure package.

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